Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Acids From High Protein Diets Can Make You Sick, Tired and Fat!

The high-protein Atkins diet can cause long-term damage
to blood vessels, as well as some of the inflammation
linked with heart and artery disease, U.S. researchers
reported on Tuesday.

"It really is the Atkins diet that is the worst,"
Dr. Michael Miller, director of preventive cardiology
at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore,
said in a telephone interview.

"The Atkins diet caused the LDL levels to go up by
about 7 percent."

Low density lipoprotein or LDL are the "good" cholesterol
that bind up acidity to protect the blood vessels and prevent
internal bleeding.

Various researchers have tested the benefits of the
popular diets and reached wildly differing conclusions.
Miller designed what he said was a unique approach --
to see how people fared once they stopped losing weight
on any of the diets.

Studies show that people usually lose weight rapidly
on any diet if they follow it properly and the weight
loss itself can cause acidity to plummet and thus
cause cholesterol to drop as well.

"When you lose weight everything looks good but after
a while you plateau and you hit a maintenance stage,"
said Miller, who presented his findings to a meeting
of the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida.

His team studied 18 people, each of whom completed a
full month on the Atkins diet. They were
carefully monitored to ensure that they did not
lose weight.

While on the Atkins diet the volunteers were tested
for levels of blood fats, including cholesterol and
markers for inflammation.

The researchers used ultrasound scans to measure the
flexibility and dilation of blood vessels and measured
proteins in the blood that can indicate inflammation.

"Some markers of inflammation were increased by as much
as 30 to 40 percent during the Atkins phase," Miller said.

Most studies have shown that diets that stress
vegetables and fruits, and low-fat sources of protein
such as sprouts provide the best long-term
weight loss.

"A diet that is high in green vegetables and fruits,
healthy poly-unsaturated fats, mineral salts and
alkaline water, as outlined in The pH Miracle for
Weight Loss, can provide an individual with healthy
weight loss of up to 1 pound a day," according to
Dr. Robert O.Young of the pH Miracle Living Center.

"We don't recommend the Atkins diet," Miller said.
"Why not start out with a diet that will be healthier
for you in the long run after weight loss?”

May I suggest the pH Miracle for Weight Loss?

Dr. Young suggests, "high protein diets will increase
dietary acids of nitric, sulphuric, phosphoric and
uric acid that may lead to many unhealthy symptoms and
eventual weight gain."

If you want to be healthy and fit and lose or even
gain weight you must eat like "Cows":

C = chlorophyll
O = oil
W = water
S = salt

When you increase your intake of chlorophyll from
green fruits and vegetables, oil from flax and hemp
seed, water that has a pH or 9.5 and an mV of -150,
and salt which is natural an whole you will
experience renewed energy, increased health and
fitness and a body that is lean and green.

And finally, it is true when you examine the live
blood under a phase contrast microscope you will
see and understand - when you are green you are clean.


  1. Thank you for your excellent work and information outreach. I will become an even more attuned customer as I close a contract soon and can afford to try some of your specific products. Your chart especially has helped me to diet away my stiffness from what seemed to be arthritis. I am so grateful to be as comfortable and wonderfully NORMAL when I wake up in the morning as when I was sixteen. That said, I just listened to part of the 14-minute tape you sent today. I have to say I cannot listen to Anthony Robbins. It is as if you, Dr. Young, are speaking in a pleasant, conversational tone. And Robbins is talking in bold, black 20pt caps with lots of exclamation points. I was reminded forcibly again that for me his style is too tiresome to tolerate.
    There are plenty of interesting, vibrant speakers who do not hog the energy waves in a dialog > Meryl Streep or Richard Branson for example. Any good actor, really. Robins'overacting is an energy drain. Be well. Thank you.

  2. Dear Edith:

    Thank you for your comments and I happy that you enjoyed the interview is spite of Tony Robbins.

    All the best,

    Dr. Young

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  4. Why adipex supplements are not mentioned in your post?