Monday, January 28, 2008

How To Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

Building a healthy and fit body is all about
building healthy blood. Every cell in the human
body, including muscle cells are made from blood.
So healthy blood equals a healthy and fit body.

To build healthy blood you need a diet of chlorophyll,
oil, water and salt. I refer to this blood building
diet as the "COWS" plan, an acronym that stands for:

C = chlorophyll from green grasses, veggies and fruits

O = oils from flax, hemp, olive and avocado

W = water that has been purified, alkalized, and energized

S = salt that is unprocessed and in a colloidal form

A few years ago a man by the name of Ryan Marcotte
entered the "Body for Life" contest to lose some
weight and gain some muscle. In a twelve week
period he lost 31 pounds of fat and gained 11 pounds
of muscle. He also was the runner-up winner in the
Bill Phillips "Body for Life" Contest using Dr.
Young's dietary "COWS" program. He had actually won the
contest but did not receive the first prize and the
$10,000 check because he did not use the "Body for
Life" plan to lose the weight or gain the new
muscle mass. He had found his ultimate success
in losing excess body fat and gaining muscle mass
with the Young's pH Miracle Lifestyle and Diet.

Listen and see Ryan Marcotte as he talks about his
experience doing the Young's pH Miracle Living
Lifestyle and Diet plan on the following UTUBE

Remember, if you want to build muscle you do it
by ingesting chlorophyll, oil, water and salt not
sugar and proteins!

Two last important notes - Ryan used a rotation
exercise program of lifting weights for an hour
3 to 4 days a week and then jogging on the alternative
days for around one hour. The second note is that
the entire diet plan can be found in Chapter 11 of the
pH Miracle for Weight Loss. You can find this book
on or at your local book store. That's All!


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  2. like your blog and books - i am working my way into your diet , and quoting you on my website:


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