Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smoking Marijuana Is Acid Forming and May Cause Stroke, Heart Attack or Heart Dis-ease

Heavy marijuana use can boost blood levels of a
particular alkaline buffering protein, indicating
a rising risk factor for an acidic heart attack or
stroke, U.S. government researchers said on Tuesday.

Dr. Jean Lud Cadet of the National Institute on
acidic Drug Abuse, part of the National Institutes
of Health, said the findings point to another example
of long-term harm from marijuana. But marijuana
activists expressed doubt about the findings.

Cadet said a lot of previous research has focused
on the effects of marijuana or acid on the brain.
His team looked elsewhere in the body, measuring
blood protein levels in 18 long-term, heavy
marijuana users and 24 other people who did not
use the drug.

Levels of a protein called apolipoprotein C-III
were found to be 30 percent higher in the
marijuana users compared to the others. This
protein is involved in the body's metabolism or
chelation of triglycerides — a type of an acidic
fat found in the blood — and higher levels cause
increased levels of triglycerides (acid bound
fat), Cadet added.

"High levels of triglycerides (acid bound fat) can
build up on the arterial wall causing hardening of
the arteries or thickening of the artery walls,
raising the risk of an acidic stroke, heart attack
and/or heart dis-ease," states Dr. Robert O. Young,
a research scientist at the pH Miracle Living

"Chronic marijuana use is not only causing people
to get high, it's actually causing long-term adverse
effects in patients who use too much of the drug,"
Cadet, whose study is in the journal Molecular
Psychiatry, said in a telephone interview.
"Chronic marijuana abuse is not so benign."

The marijuana users in the study averaged smoking
78 to 350 marijuana cigarettes per week, based on
self-reported drug history, the researchers said.

The researchers said the active acidic ingredient
in marijuana, known as THC, seems to overstimulate
marijuana receptors in the liver, leading to
over-production of the protein.

Cadet said higher levels of the protein in marijuana
users could raise future risk for cardiac abnormalities,
blood flow problems, heart attack and stroke.

Cadet's team said the findings suggest long-term
harm from marijuana acids beyond issues such as
impaired learning, poor memory retention and
retrieval and perceptual abnormalities.

According Dr. Young, "using marijuana for medicinal
purposes can only lead to increased systemic latent
tissue acidosis and the destruction of the alkaline
design of the body. Marijuana is acidifying to the
blood and tissues and therefore cannot bring balance,
harmony, energy or health to the body."


  1. What is the agenda here? Seventy-eight marijuana cigarettes a week is way more than most regular smokers. Take any behavior to a ridiculous extreme and you can find negative consequences. I walk 3-7 miles a day and smoke one joint a day. By your calculations, what would the harm be if I walked 256 miles a week? Probably foot problems and who knows what else. Give it a rest.

  2. Amen. That is RIDICULOUS! 78 to 350 a week?! That definitely IS abuse of a beneficial substance. People die if they drink too much water, too (polydipsia).

  3. Dang, can i sighn up for this study? totaly worth "increased risk of stroke" if you get to smoke 100 joints a day.

  4. Yeah, yet again the 'anti-drug' researchers have shot themselves in the foot. Who smokes 78 to 350 joints a week??? Who could afford to even if you wanted to? At the 'lower end' that is more than 10 joints a day!

    Smoking may be acid forming, but is cannabis, a flowering herb really acidic? It seems to just be jumbled in with tobacco and 'illegal' drugs like cocaine on PH balance sites and yet nowhere can I find a scientific analysis of cannabis' actual ph in the human body.

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  5. Here's some info I found about Marijuana (eaten, not smoked) which states that while the seed and seed oil are acid forming, the leaf (and flower) are alkalinizing. Sorry lost the site, but here is the info:

    "Though Cannabis seeds are very nutritious, I personally no longer believe it is right to say that the seed of the Cannabis plant is nature’s most perfectly balanced food. This is because all seeds, to a greater or lesser extent, are acid forming. Though pre-soaking of the seeds removes the enzyme inhibitors and makes the seed more digestible and nutritious, it is still slightly acid forming.

    Acid imbalance is a major root problem to the general state of poor health of people consuming a 'westernized' diet of meat, dairy, frozen, cooked, processed and micro waved foods along with the widely popular drugs of refined sugar, alcohol and tobacco. All these drugs/foods create an acid environment, in which diseases thrive.

    Therefore for a food to be 'nutritionally balanced', it must bring us back to a neutral pH, or better still, slightly alkaline.

    The leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant are highly alkaline. So a more accurate statement would be "The Cannabis
    Plant is natures most perfectly balanced food", a view shared by Raw Food pioneer, David Wolfe.

    Not only are the leaves and flowers, highly alkaline, but are also one of the highest mineral containing plants. They also
    contain high levels of Chlorophyll and EFA's.

    The flowers also contain a unique group of chemical compounds called the Cannabinoids. The Cannabinoids, of which
    Tctrahydocannabinol is the most abundant, is a very powerful! Anti-oxidant, and is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic."

  6. What about other drugs, like peyote, LSD, Psylocybin from mushrooms? We need alkaline drugs! It would be amazing to have a drug that also contributes to one's health.

  7. Hugo, great post.... I'm always reading about nutrition and alkaline vs acidic foods and herbs. Never came across that but I'm glad I have. Great info. Definately burns a hole in this study.

    The example group must have been Rastafarians. I read that an average rasta smokes 7-10 joints a day... But those guys play soccer all day and are ripped. So if a large group of people using marijuana at very high levels can maintain lean physiques, they must have a slighly alkaline body, since muscles need an anabolic environment to thrive. An acidic body reflects excess fat and saggy tissues.

  8. wow, i wonder if these people know that eating 293 lbs of spinach can cause iron overdose. what a ridiculous arguement. all things we consume are either acidic or alkaline. for example: nuts and grains are VERY acidic.... So should we quit eating them altogether? Also good to know... Most high protien foods are very acidic. Most alkaline foods are very high in carbohydrates. And our body needs both to function properly. Potatoes are extremely alkaline. So now that i read this article, i will make sure i eat a baked potato when i have the munchies. Im not saiyng there are no strong arguments to be made against weed. Im just saying that this isnt one of them.

  9. ...also good to know is that pharmaceuticals such as tylenol, antidepressants etc. leave far higher quantities of acidic ash in the body than marijuana does. Acidophilus (a supplement proven to boost immunity, and regulate digestion) is also off the charts for acidity.

  10. at the end of the day they have no right to treat us like children if we want to hurt ourselves we could just get a gun but they still sell tobacco and alcohol which kills you but its sold legally so fuck all you medical faggits go make us more drugs like heroin and LSD you hypocritical jokes

  11. Hope everyone is well, I have one question if a young person with anxiety smoked one maijuana laced with acid what would be the long term effect

  12. barbiesweet said...

    Hope everyone is well, I have one question if a young person with anxiety smoked one maijuana laced with acid what would be the long term effect

    12:48 PM

    It will have no future effects which it hasn't caused by now. Just don't try that again....acid is extremely dangerous.

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  16. The optimum ph for soil in which cannibis is to grow is the same as the optimum ph for the human heart.
    This study is a load of crap. They measure people who smoke 10-40 joints probably also loaded with chemical enriched tobacco and then use that as proof that cannibis is bad? Ridiculous.

  17. barbiesweet said...:
    "Hope everyone is well, I have one question if a young person with anxiety smoked one maijuana laced with acid what would be the long term effect"

    Acid is ruined if smoked. It has no effect on you, it simply burns to ashes. So basically none?
    But don't smoke pot or do acid in front of people if you are anxious. Do the alone in a SAFE place, and the effects with most of the time be amazing and great. It cures depression and what not...

  18. the researchers were drunk for sure 78 to 350 a week? 12 to 50 joints a day? lol no comment

  19. Anonymous6:03 AM

    well a "full" joint is a 1 gram I would say. Most use half of that or less.
    so 78 grams, 1/2 39 grams. that was the low numbers...
    Over an ounce a week is what I get out of that, so a quarter pound in a small month.
    Yea I have seen an article where man dies from too much water as well, there is not a warning label on that.

  20. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Fuck loser doctors tryna make an ancient sacred weed look bad and deem it unhealthy.

  21. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Ive been around quite a few people who smoke weed just recreationally and people who smoke it to overcome illnesses like epilepsy and the most I've ever known somebody to smoke is around 56 marijuana cigs a week and that was because of epilepsy. how anybody could ever smoke 350 a week is beyond me. 50 cigs a day... how does one even have time for that?

  22. And to top it off the doctor makes the unfounded statement that marijuana "cannot bring health... to the body." Nice touch. Maybe this was a pro-cannabis piece in disguise? ...but then when I read most scientific studies in detail I am blown away by how absurd the methods and conclusions are.

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  24. I must add, i've been around heavy heavy pot smokers and ten or fifteen joints a day is the Maximum.
    Virtually no one smokes fifty damn joints a day. Very misleading, these scientists are lying and they should be ashamed.

  25. I must add, i've been around heavy heavy pot smokers and ten or fifteen joints a day is the Maximum.
    Virtually no one smokes fifty damn joints a day. Very misleading, these scientists are lying and they should be ashamed.

  26. My father had a stroke October 2014 that left him paralyzed on his left side. He can not lift his arm above his shoulder, strengthen his left arm out and can not walk. He was always very active and independent until he had stroke which made him weak and immobile. He spent 4 weeks in the hospital and the doctor had nothing to say to us. We heard about the hemp/marijuana oil and its effectiveness in helping stroke patients. We obtained the hemp oil from Phoenix Tears Plus after writing to we were provided with the hemp oil which he started taken orally. The hemp oil has helped my father a lot as he is 80% physically fine now and can move all parts of his body and can walk very well. I can say hemp oil is beneficial and it has helped a lot of children with seizures and other people with heart disease.

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