Friday, June 19, 2009

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Reversed In 3 Months

My name is Ingrit Vaher. I am 31 years old and I have experienced something amazingly beautiful. It completely changed my perception towards my life and my health.

In December 2008 I was diagnosed to have the Hodgkin's disease (lymph cancer), which had already developed to the second stage. My doctor recommended that I start a five month long chemotherapy treatment immediately and continue after that with radiation treatment. As per the doctor this was the only possible treatment for this aggressive disease.

Knowing about the disease shocked me, even though a part of me wasn't surprised at all. During my life I had already suffered from sugar addiction, gradually increasing weight, sleep and eating disorder and mood changes. Additioally, during my adulthood I suffered from strong

depression, which I wasn't able to beat even after several attempts. I hated myself for it and I didn't appreciate my life.

After the diagnosis I felt great compassion towards my body. I remembered stories about people recovering from "incurable" diseases. I knew that I wanted to try the same. I decided not to start chemotherapy, at least for now. I believe that the mind and the emotions can effect the body and it is this belief that gave me courage. I knew that I was responsible for my sickness and I hoped that I could also heal it myself.

Luckily I had already read Dr. Robert O. Young's book and learned about pH balance theory. Immediately after the diagnosis I went to a microscopy. When I saw the microscopic pictures of my blood cells I decided to start the 21-day-long purification treatment using Innerlight products, developed by Dr. Robert O. Young. During the first week I was worried and afraid that the tumors in my throat were growing too fast, which would mean that I wouldn't have time to see the effects of the treatment and I would have to go for chemotherapy or surgery anyway. During the second week the worst symptoms such as weakness, vomiting feeling etc. were over giving me more hope. During the third week I felt so much better that I knew I would heal by natural means without chemotherapy. Frankly, during the third week I felt better than ever in my adult life. The sugar addiction and the sleep disorder that had lasted for years were over. Despite the gloomy circumstances I felt very well-balanced, happy and grateful. At that point my friends started asking me the reason for my beautiful and healthy looks.

Three months after the diagnosis I asked for a whole-body scan. The doctors were surprised to see that the cancer was gone! Of all the tumors only two little dots remained. Of course I knew this because of how I felt, but still it made me tremendously happy to know that my recovery was so fast.

Throughout my life I've got to know different kinds of diets and natural products. The alkaline way of life and the Innerlight products are the only ones that helped me get rid of all my ailments including cancer. I'm grateful to Dr. Young for giving me new life, which I am happy leading in an alkaline way.

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