Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alkalizing Fluid Electrolytes - The Perfect Alkaline Water Solution!

Common signs of alkalizing electrolyte imbalances are low or high blood pressure, fatigue, circulation problems, any illness or dis-ease which also presents a low alkaline pH at 7.4 or lower of the saliva and urine.

Once your alkaline electrolyte balance is lost, drinking plain non-alkaline water won't help! Drinking plain non=alkaline water will dilute electrolytes or create greater electrolyte imbalances. Mineral water contains a variety of minerals that can further skew the imbalance of electrolytes. 'Sports' drinks provide mostly acidic carbohydrates, not alkalizing electrolytes.

My pH Miracle Alkalizing Electrolyte Replacement Water is the ONLY balanced, isotonic oral alkalizing electrolyte drink on the market today.

This milliequivalent alkalizing mineral rich formula will provide plasma electrolytes without upsetting the body's natural mineral balance or adding acidic carbohydrate. My pH Miracle Alkalizing Electrolyte Drink Replacements are offered in three formulas - pH Miracle Green Label with a pH of 7.4, pH Miracle Blue Label with a pH of 8.4 and pH Miracle Purple Label with a pH of 9.4.

pH Miracle Green Label Electrolyte Drink Replacement with a pH of 7.4 contains normal electrolyte ratios of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium and is appropriate for those individuals who have normal ratios of sodium and potassium and have normal blood pressure. This product is isotonic.

Blue Label Electrolyte Drink Replacement with a pH of 8.4 contains a higher level of sodium and magnesium and is appropriate for those individuals who have low levels of sodium and magnesium and may have low blood pressure. This formula is hypertonic.

Purple Label Electrolyte Drink Replacement with a pH of 9.4 contains a higher level of potassium and is appropriate for those who have low levels of potassium and may have high blood pressure. This formula is super-hypertonic.

What Makes This Electrolyte Drink Different ?

In one word “Density pH Miracle Water”! Dr. Robert O. Young has developed a process to generate a pH Balanced“Free Floating Colloidal Orbital Solution” to stabilize blood plasma ions.

Special Formula Allows You To Judge By Taste How Much Electrolyte Alkalizing Replacement You Need!

Holding an electrical charge to allow a less dense particle to free float in the solution will allow each individual to be the judge by taste as to how much electrolyte and alkalizing the body needs at that time. This way your individual body will absorb whatever electrolytes and alkalzing hydroxl ions it needs and excretes what it doesn’t.

Big Corporations Have Failed Trying To Copy This Electrolyte Drink!

Many doctors and companies have tried in vain to copy these unique alkalzing electrolyte solutions only to end up with a simple acidic sugar drink.

Sugars are All Acids and Cancel Out the Electrical Potential Of Electrolytes.

Be wary of trying to replace vital alkalizing electrolytes and hydroxl ions with sports drinks or plain water. Sugar and hydrogen ions in any form cancel out the electrical potential or negaive charge of fluid free-floating alkalzing electrolytes.

With the exception of a handful of other Research Scientists, Dr. Robert O. Young has created the one and only taste sensitive alkalzing electrolyte and hydroxl ion replacement solution based on human blood chemistry. To learn more go to:


karen smith said...

I've tried the Alkaline Water produced by the Tyent USA water ionizers. These ionized alkaline water has the capability to neutralize the toxins in our body and maintaining the acid-alkaline body pH balanced. Alkaline water also can hydrate your skin to prevent premature aging.

soni said...

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Mark Shubin said...

I enjoy mineral waters from time to time and thought this was a good thing because it contains electrolytes (sodium) and minerals therefore having a higher ph level than most water. Could you explain a little more about this? I believed it was a good thing.

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