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The Cause and Cure for Erectile Dysfunction and Improved Sex Life!

Around the age of 40, a man's reproductive organs begin to be affected by dietary and metabolic acids and become less active.

This results in a decrease of the acidic hormone testosterone from glandular malfunction (which is a good thing because it reduces your risk for prostate cancer) caued by a build up of dietary and metabolic acids from emotional and physical stress, a diet high in protein and sugar, and a lack of physical activity results in a low sex drive, impotence, erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts, frequent urination and other frequent side effects such a weight gain around the abdomen, depression and mood swings (which is a bad thing).

During a man's alkaline decline or aging, I call "men - o - pause", testosterone, an acidic waste product of reproductive activity drops off dramatically. This does not mean you need more of this acidic hormone called testosterone - what you need is less dietary and metabolic acids and improved elimination of these acids through defecation, urination, perspiration and respiration.

A deficiency in whole body alkalinity and especially alkalizing mineral salts, including sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate, can result in muscle weakness, muscle loss, muscle soreness, weight gain, frequent urination, prostatitis, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts, loss of skin elasticity (wrinkles), elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, sclerotic plaque, mood swings, depression and even hot flashes or "men - o - pause".

This is why I recommend Alkaline Replacement Therapy (ART) to correct the over-acidic body fluid condition and warn men of the toxic acidic affects from Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and its many symptomologies, including prostate cancer.  Yes! research now states that testosterone may cause prostate.

It is known that alkalinity increases the bones' ability to absorb calcium, reducing the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis and the muscles to absorb magnesium, reducing the risk of muscle loss.

Alkalizing mineral salts, such as sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium also lower a man's risk for heart disease and stroke, which is certainly no small matter, considering that heart disease is the leading kilter of men over age 45.

Many studies show that testosterone supplemention (TRT) can increase the risk of prostate cancer.


Because testosterone is an acidic toxic waste product of reproductive gland function.

Supplementing an acidic hormone like testosterone (TRT) would be like pumping carbon monoxide into your gas tank. Just as carbon monoxide is an acidic waste product of energy production so testosterone is an acidic waste product of a man's reproduction function and it is toxic to the blood, tissues and organs of the body.

This is making some doctors more conservative about dispensing prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy, particularly to men and/or women who have a family history of reproductive - system cancer.

Many of these high-risk men are successfully using alkaizing mineral salts, herbs, ant-acid nutrients, aminos, and seed oils instead of testosterone to treat their "men - o - pausal" symptoms.


Because alkaizing minerals, herbs, aminos, anti-acid or antioxidant nutrients and seed oils are alkalzing buffers of the this acidic hormone, called testosterone.

Even men who are not at high risk for reproductive-system cancers or experiencing erectile dysfunction find that alkalizing herbs, mineral salts, aminos, ant-acid or antioxidant nutrients and seed oils offer a positive solution to their "men -o - pausal" woes.

And for many men who do take the acid testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the herbs, alkaline mineral salts, aminos, ant-acid or anti-oxidant nutrients and seed oils will allow them to take a lower dose of testosterone or even get off of these toxic acidic hormonal disease causing waste products!

The Fabulous Phyto-Nutrients

Many plant phyto-nutrients are alkaline substances or antioxidants in plants that buffer and neutralize the human testosterone acid and protects the male reproductive organs.

In fact, phyto-nutrients have been present in the human diet for thousands of years and is an alkaline source to buffer dietary and metabolic acids, including testosterone or estrogen, especially in midlife and beyond.

Photo-nutrient activity is also known to be found in pomegranate seed oil (CLA).
Recently, researchers have discovered that the pomegranate seed oil (CLA) is one of the richest sources of anti-hormonal compounds.

Animal-based  anti-hormonal compounds are often used to treat symptoms of "men - o - pause" or menopause, but many men and/or women are reluctant to use these substances.

The pomegranate seed oil buffers the acidic affects of testosterones and estrogens and reduces the negative health symptoms associated with "men - o - pause" or menopause for women.
Mineral Salts in the Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction

I have  found in my own research that alkaline buffers from mineral salts and seed oils can be very helpful in maintaining the alkaline design of a man's body, especially supporting a healthy and active reproductive system.  This is also true for women.

I have recommended an increase in alkaline mineral salts of sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride to maintain the alkaline design of a man's body, especially the reproductive system.  These salts help to buffer excess metabolic and dietary acids that would other-wise breakdown the organs and glands that sustain life.

For more information on these alkaline mineral salts go to:


I also recommends 12 to 16 grams of pomegranate seed oil (CLA) per day to help support the male reproductive system and prevent the symptoms associated with male reproductive acidic stress.

The Amino L-arginine in the Prevention and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Finally, I recommend the amino L-arginine which has been shown to help improve blood and lymph circulation prevent and reversing hypertension, coronary heart dis-ease, hyper-cholesterolemia, and erectile dysfunction through the release of nitric oxide.

Does nitric oxide in L-arginine work for Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction?

My answer is absolutely YES! New research from my own research and several other Universities are reporting positive benefits of increased nitric oxide production, improved circulation to the extremities having positive effects for ED in as short of time as 3 weeks.

Here is what I can share with you:
  1. Viagra produces nitric oxide in the male genitalia and dramatically increases blood flow allowing for erections for a specific amount of time. Bottom-line many erectile dysfunction medications are acidic and therefore come with a long list of negative health effects.
  2. Many published studies have shown that consuming 5,000mg of L-arginine, triggers cell production of nitric oxide in all areas of the body including the reproductive system improving circulation to the male or female genitalia.
  3. Producing nitric oxide through the use of L-arginine has been found to relax and enlarge blood vessels, which allows for greater blood flow to the lower extremeties. This is similar to a water hose that is no longer kinked allowing water to flow more freely. It works the same way with the blood being circulated throughout the body. When blood is needed in a special area, it flows more freely, allowing for a better sex life.
  4. Several of my male clients who are using my pH Miracle L-arginine Max for cardiovascular health are also using it for the purpose of sexual health. They have reported no longer needing to use Viagra.
  5. In 1998 three American scientists received the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the role of nitric oxide and its health benefits for the cardiovascular and reproductive systems.
  6. Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a condition in which breathing stops up to 400 times for 10 to 30 seconds during sleep each night. Researchers at the University of Louisville believe the episodes of oxygen deprivation may trigger ED.  Researchers exposed male mice to a lack of oxygen--chronic intermittent hypoxia or CIH--during sleep. Within a week they showed 55 percent less sexual activity and after a month, the length of time between attempts at mating increased 60 times. When given Cialis, an erectile dysfunction drug, the mice's sexual activity improved. Researchers concluded that testosterone levels weren't affected by oxygen deprivation, so something else must have caused the downswing in sexual activity. They found that the mice who were subjected to sleep apnea had lower levels of an enzyme needed to make nitric oxide and speculated that nitric oxide was needed for blood flow essential to erections.  "Even relatively short periods of CIH...are associated with significant effects on sexual activity and erectile function," Dr. David Gozal, professor of pediatrics at the University of Louisville, wrote in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.  Although researchers didn't recommend men with sleep apnea to use ED drugs, they said that using CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines that treat sleep apnea can also help with erectile dysfunction.
For more information on my pH Miracle Pomegranate Seed Oil (CLA) or L-Arginine Max go to:

In Conclusion 

From my own research and the research of others an acidic lifestyle and diet is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction (ED). Metabolic and dietary acids cause the blood to thicken, leading to poor circulation, energy loss and then erectile dysfunction (ED). The key to a healthy and lasting sex life free from erectile dysfunction (ED) and the symptoms of "men - o - pause", regardless of age, is reducing metabolic and dietary acids with a pH Miracle alkaline lifestyle and diet. 

It is that simple!

To learn more about the pH Miracle Alkaline "Life" style and Diet read The pH Miracle updated and revised book coming soon on audio.



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Great article, Robert. It is also important to deal with other important contributing factors to erectile dysfunction which include relationship issues and a lack of effective brain/body communication.

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