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Quack Journalism in Norway

The following translated article appeared in a Norwegian Newspaper in Otto Bjelland, Stravanger in response to an abusive  article written in another Norwegian newspaper xalled the Aftenbladet.  The following rebuttal article is called "Quack Journalism".

Otto Bjelland, Stavanger

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenbladet's article recently about Robert O. Young and the pH balancing diet is a study of abuse of discretion. This article claims tha
t Young rejects the entire medical science, and furthermore that he encourages every person to throw away their medications. The entire lecture in Stavanger has been recorded. And as far as I can see there is no objective basis to state that he has made such claims. Saying that a person with low metabolism, should do this, is not the same as asking people in general to throw away their medications no matter their disorder.

In its editorial, attacking with its heaviest artillery, Aftenbladet is accusing Young of being a fake, scam and quack. Allegedly he has been convicted of quackery. Firstly, it is debatable whether he has been convicted at all. The article from April 28 says "Young has not been convicted, and the case is recorded as dismissed." 

Now what were the charges? Well, fasten your seat belts because this man has pierced people's fingertips to withdraw a few drops of blood which he then studied in a microscope. Then he recommended them to eat more vegetables, less meat, grain products, sugars and dairy products, and to add some dietary products which rapidly reduces the acidity levels of bodily fluids.

THIS IS A TREATMENT which has helped a large number of people from serious diseases. Not only Young and Frøystad, but a large number of alternative practitioners can confirm that an alkaline diet is beneficial to a person's health. 

Norwegian Knut Flytlie, MD, and Danish Frede Damgard, nutritional expert, are among those who can confirm this.
And can Aftenbladet document that anyone has been injured by being on Young's program?There is no such evidence. Where then is the basis for going so strongly against him?

Pernille Nylehn, MD, made a wholeheartedly attempt in Aftenbladet on May 20 to ridicule Young. She postulates that Young operates in his own little fairytale world which has not much to do with reality. Could it perhaps be so that there are truths about the acid/alkaline balance and the blood that are not covered in medical schools? I am skeptical when Nylehn does not seem to have understood such elementaries that there are different pH values of the blood, saliva, urine and tissues. Anyone can confirm this by going to the pharmacy, simply buy some ph strips and confirm that their pH levels will raise when being on Young's program. Sandø claims that there is no scientific evidence that the over acidification of the human organism leads to disease. This is not true. Even Medline Plus of the National Institutes of Health states that over acidification is dangerous. And there are a number of research studies that confirm that acidosis leads to disease. 

[The picture above] 
CONTROVERSIAL: Robert 0. Young claims he can prevent and cure the many serious diseases. This picture was taken at his lecture in Stavanger Forum recently. (Photo: Jon lngemundsen)
Middle bottom text:
Not only Young and Frøystad, but a large number of alternative practitioners can confirm that an alkaline diet is beneficial to a person's health.

Here is the link for the original rebuttal article in Norwegian:

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